Saturday, November 11, 2006

About the University of Wisconsin Bass Program

About the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Bass Program

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater bass program provides an extremely diverse and exciting musical education. Each bass student is offered an individualized program based n his or her specific needs and musical goals. Bass students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater have the opportunity to study and perform on acoustic and electric bass in a variety of musical styles. In addition to performance on the acoustic and electric bass, composition, period performance, and many other musical pursuits are encouraged in order to create and develop a well-rounded musician. Various pedagogical styles are discussed and put into practice so that the Music Education major as well as the Music Performance major masters how to teach the double bass and the electric bass.

Bass students graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater are well-equipped to find employment and artistic satisfaction in today’s competitive professional musical environment. In order to expose the UW-W bass student to as many professional bassists as possible, all bass students participate in the UW-W Bass Master Class Series. This Series features a master class by a regionally or nationally renowned bass performer and pedagogue approximately once a month. Recent Master Class Series artists have performed with the Chicago Symphony, Chicago Opera Theatre, Chicago Sinfonietta, Rockford Symphony, Racine Symphony, Kenosha Symphony, Illinois Symphony, and the Illinois Philharmonic. Master Class Series artists have also played long-running musicals in Milwaukee and Chicago, done professional recordings, and played in a variety of jazz settings.

The Whitewater Bass Ensemble is another integral part of the UW-W bass experience. This conductor less ensemble plays compositions by its members as well as by noted bass composers. It performs for a variety of events throughout the year. This group is the centerpiece of the yearly UW-W Bass Studio Recital, an event in which each studio member plays solo selections as well as performing in this ensemble. Bass Studio Class is a weekly event for the entire bass studio. The topic for Studio Class changes every week. Topics covered include classical fundamentals, jazz fundamentals, orchestral repertoire, solo repertoire, jury preparation, and audition preparation.

The Whitewater Winter Bassfest is a pivotal educational and performance opportunity for all members of the UW-W bass studio. All bass students serve as the staff for this event. During this day-long event all UW-W bass students both teach in a clinic, workshop, or master class setting as well as play solo and ensemble music. This event provides the students direct teaching and playing experience and the opportunity to work alongside the world-renowned featured guests of the Bassfest. This is a great resume-builder as well as being an event that will be remembered forever, and it will happen four times during a student’s time at UW-W! The 2003-04 Bassfest faculty has performed with the Chicago Symphony, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Elgin, Rockford, Kenosha, Racine, Green Bay, and Illinois Symphonies, Chicago Opera Theatre, Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra, and the Joffrey Ballet, and they have taught at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Sherwood Conservatory, and Concordia University.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is truly a first-class institution for bass study. Students receive musical instruction rivaling the best conservatories in the country at a significantly lower cost. The contacts and knowledge acquired during the undergraduate experience at UW-W will provide a multitude of exciting future musical opportunities for the UW-W bass graduate.